Therapy Oils

Therapy Oils

Massage therapy oils may be used to allow the therapist to get a better glide on your skin; not all therapists use oils and if you do not want them used you can tell them before the session starts. Some of the most common massage therapy oils include grapeseed, avocado oil and avocado extract, almond oil and specialty blends that maybe a spa exclusive. Oils are used for more than lubricating the skin; they can help tighten and tone problem areas as well as providing a deep penetration delivery system of vitamins and minerals. In addition to oils, your therapist may use heated rocks, wraps and mud spread to further heighten the experience.

Massage therapy can be done in the home to or by a partner. You can make use of educational software packages that give you a guided, step by step platform to learn from. Having a willing partner to train and practice on will allow you to develop your skills in the art of massage therapy. One thing you may want to consider investing in as you get further into your training and education is a massage therapy table. These resemble the drop-knee tables that chiropractors use, are portable and can allow you to practice massage therapy almost anywhere. It isn`t a necessity to have a massage therapy table to work on but it will allow you to be in a more comfortable position. It will also allow the person you are working on the ability to relax, stretch and be properly positioned to get the most from their massage

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