Art Therapy

Art Therapy

The experience of making art on its own is a stress-reducing and growth-enhancing activity for people of all ages.  In therapy sessions, art-making can also enhance the verbal exchange between a person and their therapist.

As an art therapist, I am trained to recognize the nonverbal symbols and metaphors that are communicated within artistic images which might be difficult to express in words or maybe emerging from outside my client’s conscious awareness.  No artistic skill is required to engage in this kind of therapy as it is not about what the art product looks like, it is about achieving insight, resolving conflicts, solving problems, and formulating new perceptions through the creative process.

You have a choice whether or not you would like to use art to enhance your experience in each therapy session.  Art supplies are available for your use to include oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, paints, polymer clay, and a variety of collage and mask-making materials.  You are free to use your own creative inspiration each session or may have a suggestion for a specific art process it is believed to be a relevant to the topic we are exploring.

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